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Choosing Lights for christmas

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Choosing Lights for christmas

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You can use several different kinds of lights using a LightORama or alternative light control (see figure). Have a trip and you will get a huge array of lights to choose from, or lights can be purchased by you.

The best time is the day after Christmas, when they are marked by most shops down at least 50 percent.

A setup for a ShowTime PC LightORama controller.

The following paragraphs describe the most common types of lights

Strings in a variety of colors of 100 or more lights. These lights are available in green, red, white, blue, violet, and yellow. You can find. You may find colors if you search around. During the Halloween season, you will discover purple and orange mini lights.

Mini lights are made to operate on 2.5 V AC. They are wired with 50 lights. The downside of this arrangement is all 50 lights will go out, and that because the lights are wired in series, if one of those lights pops out of its socket or comes loose, continuity is broken for the run.

You will blow, but you should not connect over five strings of 100 lights although you may join strings of mini lights end-to-end on a station.

These are woven together into a net which may be spread over small bush or a tree. Each internet has 300 lights.
Although the exact same size as mini lights but made with LEDs as opposed to incandescent bulbs. LEDs consume less power you can link as many as 20 strings end-to-end, and as a midnight, an entire series of LED lights consumes in actuality. You can join a channel and LEDs. LED lights are a whole lot more expensive than mini lights.
Incandescent. Strings of lights are made with 25 sockets per series. (The designation C7 denotes the size of the foundation.)

C7 lights operate so they are wired in parallel. If you remove one or if a person goes out, the remainder of the series will light up. You may link C7 strings but you need to connect to prevent overloading the circuit and blowing the fuses out. Laser Christmas Light Projector will enlighten you on every aspect about christmas decoration for sale.

Similar to C7.
Strings of LEDs or incandescent mini lights enclosed in a tube that was transparent. You can buy short lengths (typically 18 feet) of rope lighting in retail stores, or you may purchase 150inch commercial-grade spools of rope light online from sources such as 1000Bulbs. com
Sculptures made of plastic. Many figures that are blow mold have a single light bulb inside, typically 60 or 40 W. In case you have many blow mold figures in your screen, you can connect them all to one channel on your control to turn them on or off together, or, if you have enough channels available, you can link each to a separate channel to control each separately. (See why you need more stations?)
Sculptures made and welded into shapes such as deer gifts, etc. They are lit by strings of LED lights or mini lights.
A type. Is strings of lights and a pole. Twist one end of each string of lights and use stakes to plant the end of the strings forming a ring. The strings of light you use. If you join a station and each color and use alternating colors of lights, you can make some animation effects.

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